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How We Work

Window Scenes specializes in the sales, installation, and servicing of window coverings to the builder trade with specific emphasis on how builders work, their sales processes, and their bottom lines… all delivered with the service quality and responsiveness their designers and homebuyers expect.

We have built a long-standing, thriving business based on solid, reliable core relationships that have evolved with our homebuilding partners, riding out market cycles and responding to the changing needs of those partners. Our homebuilders and their homebuyers come away satisfied with our performance and the way we consistently and expediently deliver on our promises.

We do what we say we will do.

Our partners and their homebuyers depend on it and we understand that our performance reflects directly on the homebuilder… every day, on every job/home. This is one of the invaluable benefits of doing business with Window Scenes. It is the foundation from which Window Scenes was established and is more important today than ever.

Window Scenes’ focus is on providing services to our builder/design center partners that allow them to capture greater sales revenues while allowing designers more time to focus on and enhance other pieces of the Options experience with their home buyers.

Self Serve

Comprehensive whole-house privacy-oriented window treatment packages are developed by plan and elevation at one low package price.  Privacy packages are typically offered for faux wood blinds and roller shades but can be customized to fit individual builder needs.

In addition,  a la carte price grids and diagrams are also available for individual window selection and often provide a wider selection of products offered.

  • Lightning Fast Lead Times - 2 week turnaround from receipt of order is our standard.
  • Move-In Peace of Mind - Provides Homebuyers with peace of mind knowing that they have privacy from Day 1 in their new home

Call today to inquire about our services

Let us do the work. We provide your Designers with custom quotes on any mix of openings with any mix of products – specific to your home plans and elevations – all they have to do is present the quote(s) to the homebuyer.
How does it work? Rather than sifting through diagrams and price grids, designers can treat non Self Serve options as special quotes and simply refer them to the Turnkey Help Desk.

Product available for Turnkey Quotes include:

  • Faux and Real Wood Blinds
  • Wood Shutters
  • Roller Shades
  • Woven Woods
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Honeycomb Shades

*Non-Standard upgrades/requests can often be accommodated.

2-Day Turn-Around - After receipt of pricing request, our Help Desk will return Turnkey Quotes within 2 business days. Turnkey Quotes come with pricing in line item form with accompanying diagram, ready for homebuyer presentation.
The fine print - Every Turnkey Quote will include an outline of buyer expectations with individual product disclaimers. This is designed to help homebuyers understand the process as well as reduce liability.

Builder Design Center may also refer services direct to Window Scenes.

  • Private Client Service Buyer Profile - Homebuyer interested in specialized product not displayed in Design Center, such as Shading Systems, or Motorization.
  • Window Scenes will meet with homebuyers typically at the Sales Office or  via Zoom/Facetime to discuss window treatments, including materials, concepts and benefits.
  • Presentation can be done by Builder Design Center, but are typically handled by Window Scenes. All steps in the sales process are shared with the design team to ensure financial and informational transparency.