The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has ruled that all free hanging cords including tilt cords and continuous cord loop operating systems to be eliminated by June 2023. WindowScenes is complying with this new measure by offering a 2”Cordless Faux Wood blind. Cordless Faux Wood blinds are child safe blinds that have no exposed lift cords and a wand to tilt the slats.

Faux blinds have the look of real wood blinds and add sophistication and warmth to any room. Faux blinds do not peel, chip, crack or yellow over time as they are made with polymer materials with UV inhibitors. Little maintenance is required and their durability provides great value for any homebuyer. Raising and lowering the blinds is easy by using the bottom rail with both hands. Blinds are the perfect choice for controlling the amount of light and shade that permeates in a room.

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